Why GLS?

When you choose someone to help you succeed in the SBA business, you want a firm you can rely on to consistently deliver for you in all aspects of the SBA secondary market.  At GLS, we do just that.  With GLS you’ll find three characteristics that set us apart: commitment, expertise, and experience.   

GLS delivers with a team of experts who truly understand your needs and are committed to creating solutions that you can actually use.  No matter what issues you face, you can count on GLS to deliver an innovative and cost effective solution.  We simply aren’t satisfied with the status quo, and our clients shouldn't be either. 

GLS delivers expertise in developing and implementing new technology that has real world application and was built to provide a solution to issues we faced ourselves, not theoretical “what if” scenarios.  Regardless of what end of the business you are in, we have been involved and can help you implement practical solutions to ensure your success.

Some firms may offer related experience, but GLS delivers a depth of direct SBA experience in the very market in which you transact, a difference that you’ll see when it comes to getting things done.  Collectively we have over 60 yrs. of experience in the securities industry, 25 of which were spent trading SBA product exclusively.   We truly know your business from an insider’s perspective.

 “The analysis required by FASB 156 and 157 has placed a greater burden on lenders to properly value their SBA 7(a) servicing assets.  I have relied on the professionals at GLS to develop independent third-party valuation for accounting and financial reporting.  The extensive experience of the principals at GLS in this asset class gives them a decided advantage regarding the assumptions and inputs underlying the valuation analyses and an ability to defend the results of their work before auditors and examiners.”

-Bill McGaughey, CPA, CFA
  SVP, Excel National Bank