Loan Settlement Solutions

Over the last 20 years, the secondary market for SBA loans has grown significantly.  While this is clearly a positive for lenders and small businesses, the methodology by which these loans are sold and settled has not evolved in kind.  GLS has a solution to this problem.  Through our many years of experience as pool assemblers, the principals of Government Loan Solutions became experts in the transactional and operational aspect of selling and settling the guaranteed portion of 7(a) loans.  Leveraging the use of technology we streamline the sales and settlement process, make it consistent, and reduce costs for market participants.  We call this solution e-Settle®

Program Highlights

No need to create or fill out 1086 Agreements.

No systems maintenance, or complex client requirements.

Reduces the time to sell and settle loans from an average of 2-3 weeks to just one. This translates into lower funding costs and increased profits.

Automation reduces human error and increases employee productivity.

Consistent settlement process eliminates the need to learn the different procedures of the many pool assemblers.

Creates continuity for your SBA sale and settlement processes. No need to continuously train new personnel due to employee turn-over.

Provides for best execution.

Increases the lenders ability to process more loans.