Pool Pricing Solutions

Trans-par-en-cy (trans-pair-uhn-see), implies openness, communication, and accountability with regard to the disclosure of information.  Transparency is important since it is one of the theoretical conditions required for a free market to be efficient.

GLS is pleased to announce a new service; Valuation of all SBA pooled securities.  Using our proven and defensible modeling methodology, GLS would like to radically enhance the efficiency and liquidity of the SBA secondary market by providing pricing on all outstanding SBA pools.  Through this innovative endeavor, investors and pool assemblers will have direct access to independent, third party pool valuations on a monthly basis.  Lenders will benefit as well since understanding the pricing of the securities gives unprecedented insight into the trends and value of the collateral making up those issues.

GLS has unquestionably established itself as the national leader in valuations for SBA loans, pools, servicing assets, and a variety of other government guaranteed loan products.  Leveraging off that reputation and over 70 years of collective market experience, GLS is now providing all SBA market participants with the opportunity to experience our pricing mechanics firsthand.  In light of the difficult times we are all facing together, GLS seeks to assist the SBA secondary market by making pricing more transparent for all participants.  

GLS is committed to giving all SBA market participants an equal opportunity to experience true transparency for themselves.  Simply click the link below to download a sample excel spreadsheet directly to your computer.  If you are ready to get started, contact us at info@glsolutions.us and sign up today.  NOTE:  by clicking the link to download, you accept all of the terms and conditions of use.  We highly recommend you read the terms and conditions of use thoroughly before proceeding to download as you are explicitly agreeing to them by doing so.

Terms and Conditions

Sample SBA Pool Pricing Worksheet (.xls)