Alternative investments such as SBA loans, pools, and IOs can be difficult assets to evaluate and manage without powerful analytical tools and real market experience. As independent advisors, we provide our clients with the knowledge and experience gained in trading the SBA secondary markets for over 40 years. We offer pragmatic advice in the application of proprietary analytical methods and models which we developed exclusively for these asset classes.

Working alongside portfolio managers and traders, we can assist in all aspects of our client's SBA investment strategy from market access and best execution to back-end analytics and portfolio composition. We firmly believe that good information and reliable data are the key to success in the SBA secondary market. We make it a priority to stay connected to the marketplace via services we provide to our lending and pool assembling clients and we pride ourselves on having the most accurate, detailed, and up-to-date prepayment and risk curves available in the industry. Our proprietary model incorporates all of this resulting in an analytics package that provides real-time, market based answers in market that otherwise lacks any real transparency.

We also believe that risk does not end after the purchase is settled. To that end, we provide ongoing advisory and valuation services to ensure that our clients' portfolios remain consistent with their current investment goals and always reflects true market value.

We embrace ethics and hard work and pledge to provide objective advice, professional competence and exceptional service to each of our investor clients.