The Principals

Scott Evans and Bob Judge possess a combined 60 years experience in the institutional fixed income markets, 25 of which are in the SBA securitization business.

ROBERT JUDGE possesses over thirty-five years of fixed income trading and research experience with nationally and internationally, recognized financial organizations.  For the first fifteen years of his career, Bob worked in New York City as an institutional corporate bond trader with Nikko Securities, Yamaichi International, Deutsche Bank and Furman Selz.

In 1996, Bob moved to Cleveland, Ohio to join NatCity Investments, the investment banking subsidiary of National City Bank, the 10th largest banking organization in the country at the time.  Bob was responsible for all institutional corporate and mortgage-backed securities trading, as well as the syndicate activities for the Fixed Income Sales & Trading Department.

In January of 2001, Bob was given the additional responsibility of managing the Taxable Fixed Income Department and promoted to Senior Vice President.  In 2001, Bob led NatCity’s effort to enter the SBA securitization market.  Through his technological abilities and fixed income modeling skills, he led the development of the loan accounting, automated settlement and analytics packages for the SBA business.  During this time period, NatCity was the first firm to settle a package of SBA loans and create SBA pools using completely automated processes.  During Bob’s tenure, NatCity created the six largest pools by loan count, as well as the largest pool by par value, all done through automation.  In January 2004, he was promoted to Managing Director of NatCity Investments, while continuing to lead the Institutional Fixed Income trading department.

In October 2006, Bob, along with Scott Evans and Rob Herrick, founded Government Loan Solutions, Inc. (GLS), for the purpose of bringing greater transparency, efficiency, and productivity to the SBA marketplace through the use of technology.  GLS also assists lenders in compliance with FASB 157 regarding the proper valuation of their SBA servicing portfolios.

Bob is a recognized expert in the valuation of SBA-related assets as well as the SBA secondary market and is the editor of the CPR Report®, a widely-read monthly publication that tracts SBA loan default, prepayment and secondary market activity.  In the print media, Bob is a periodic contributor to the National Association of Government Guaranteed Lenders (NAGGL) newsletter, In Focus®, Coleman Publishing’s The Coleman Report® and has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, the American Banker as well as other financial publications.  Bob has also been a guest speaker and lecturer at various government lending industry events on the topics of asset valuation and the secondary market.

Bob holds a B.A. in Economics from Vassar College and an M.B.A. in Finance from the Stern School of Business at New York University.

SCOTT EVANS possesses over 22 years of trading and analytical experience in a wide variety of products. Scott began his career with KeyBank as an Asset/Liability analyst which he segued into a position managing the bank’s liability trading desk.  During that time, Scott also had responsibility for trading a proprietary liability positon for the bank. Scott was promoted and took on the responsibility of trading foreign exchange for the bank as a proprietary trader. Subsequent to that, Scott was hired by Morgan Stanley to develop a regional sales/trading operation for institutional foreign exchange clients. Later, Scott joined McDonald & Co. Securities as a Vice President and corporate bond trader before coming to NatCity in 2000.

In 2000, Scott joined NatCity Investments, the investment banking subsidiary of National City Bank, the 10th largest banking organization in the country. Scott was brought on as an institutional mortgage backed securities trader but soon shifted responsibilities and began developing, along with Bob Judge, an SBA trading and securitization business. Over the next six years, Scott had primary responsibility for buying, securitizing, and trading SBA backed whole loans, derivative products, and pools. Scott’s responsibilities also included managing the entire operational end of the business which, at one point, consisted of over 9,000 line items. During that period, the business grossed over $16mm, with over $8mm in 2005 alone. In addition, Scott was directly involved in creating the six largest pools by loan count, the largest pool by par value, and repeatedly recorded the most loans settled in a month with the FTA, Colson Services Corporation. As a result, Scott was promoted to Senior Vice President in January of 2006.

In October 2006, Scott, along with Bob Judge and Rob Herrick, founded Government Loan Solutions, Inc. (GLS), with the purpose of bringing greater efficiencies and productivity to the SBA marketplace, through the use of technology.

Scott holds series 7, 63, and 3 securities licenses. Scott holds a B.A. in Finance from Miami University.